Catholic University of Daegu took the first modern sciences in Yeongnam region in 1914.

For the last 100 years, Catholic University of Daegu education is based on the preception of love and service to reveal our true selves to people.

    1. 1914.05 Saint Justin Theology Seminary was founded
    2. 1952.05 Hyosung Women’s Junior College was founded
    3. 1953.02 Hyosung Women’s college elevated to a four-year college
    4. 1956.11 Hyosung Women’s college, transferred to Bongdeok-dong
    5. 1980.10 Hyosung Women’s college, elevated to university
    6. 1981.12 Sun Mok Educational Institute got accreditation
    7. 1982.03 Sun Mok Theological College opened
    8. 1985.03 Sun Mok Theological College, changed name into Daegu Catholic college
    9. 1987.03 Hyosung Women’s college, moved to Hayang
    10. 1991.03 Saint Justin Theology Seminary moved to the old site
    11. 1991.06 Operate a Catholic Hospital
    12. 1993.02 Changed into Catholic University of Daegu
    13. 1994.12 Hyosung Women’s college and Catholic University of Daegu, combined into Daegu Hyosung Catholic University
    14. 2000.05 Daegu Hyosung Catholic University, changed name into Catholic University of Daegu
    15. 2014.05 A Centennial anniversary
    16. 2016 Operating 11 colleges in the present