The history of Catholic University of Daegu(DCU) begins in 1914. DCU is the largest Catholic University in Korea. It has about 14,500 students. DCU is founded on the principles of Christianity and defines itself and all its programs through this Christ-centered spirit. Now, it moves into the 21st century with that same spirit and a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

DCU plans to establish education centers abroad to fulfill its goals on globalization. Throughout the long history of DCU, the university has provided students with a dedicated, energetic faculty and quality programs. The highest priority for the DCU faculty is to continually improve the teaching and learning process. The faculty members are active in academic and scientific research and publication, community service and campus life.

While our name represents the tenants of Catholicism, we welcome people of all cultures and creeds to DCU. with a promise to serve, with best efforts, those who desire to seek educational truth with sincerity.

Our emphasis on leadership illustrates that:
  • DCU is a comprehensive university, it produces leaders who have been provided a broad, liberal education that is closely linked to career and professional preparation.
  • DCU provides graduates with rigorous academic programs and skills to prepare them for satisfying and profitable careers.
  • DCU has international and multicultural presence that enhances the educational opportunities of its students.
  • DCU is strategically located in the Daegu metropolitan area, which allows learning to be extended beyond the campus through internships, work programs and a variety of fascinating public events.