Hyosung Campus

Num Building Name Num Building Name
A1 Central Administration A2 St. Thomas Aquinas Hall
(Department of Liberal Arts)
A3 Student Service Center A4 The Bower
A5 Toilet A6 The Students’ Union_1
A7 The Students’ Union2
/ Cafeteria 1
A8 Paul Ri Library
(Central Library)
A9 John Sye Hall
(General Lecture Hall)
A10 Animal Breeding House
A11 Cafeteria 2 A12 Toilet
A13 Carpentry Division
Num Building Name Num Building Name
B1 Thaddeus Cho Hall
(Employment Building)
B2 Germain Hall
(Faculty Hall)
B3 St. Florian Chapel
(Catholic Church)
B4 International Hall
B5 Reserve Officer's Training Corps B6 University Museum
B7 Ignatius Cheon Hall
B8 John Choi Hall
(Educational-industrial complex)
Num Building Name Num Building Name
C1 St. Thomas More Hall
(College of Law)
C2 St. Raymund Hall
(College of Law Annex)
C3 Gymnasium C4 St. Vitus Hall
(Department of Dance)
C5 Campus Rectory C6 Seminary
C7 St. Jerome Hall
(College of Humanities and Foreign Studies)
C8 Warehouse
C9 St. John Bosco Hall
(College of Education)
C10 The Students’ Union3(Cafeteria 3(1F)
/ Aram Hall(2F))
C11 Dragon Hall
C12 St. James Hall
(College of Social Studies)
C13 St. Matthew Hall
(College of Trade)
Num Building Name Num Building Name
D1 Business Incubation Center D2 St. Matthias Hall
(College of Engineering)
D3 Marine Biotechnology Research Center D4 Research Facilities Center
D5 St. Dominic Hall
(College of Natural Sciences)
D6 St. Isidore Hall
(College Biological Sciences)
D7 St. Damian Hall
(College of Phamacy)
D8 Information Technology Center
D9 St. Thomas Hall
(College of Sciences)
D10 St. Cosmas Hall
(College of Phamacy 2)
D11 St. Martha Hall
(College of Social Sciences)
D12 Fine Arts Laboratory 1
D13 Warehouse D14 Kiln
D15 St. Catherine Hall
(College of Fine Arts)
D16 Amare Gallery, Cafeteria 4
D17 St. Cecilia Hall
(College of Music)
D18 St. Anna Hall
(College of Arts)
D19 Smelting Laboratory
Num Building Name Num Building Name
E1 St. Paul Hall
(Culture Hall)
E2 Toilet
E3 Amare Hall
E4 Dormitory Administration
E5 Wisdom Hall
E6 Servire Hall
E7 Morning Star Hall
E8 St. Andrew Kim Dae-gun Hall
E9 Charity Hall
E10 HCC Hall
E11 St. Loannes Hall E12 Christopher’s House
E13 Clarion House

Catholic University of Daegu is located on National Highway 4 between the Sinseo Innovation city
and Gyeongsan Knowledge Economic Zone


Catholic University of Daegu

Hayang-ro 13-13, Hayang-eup, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongbuk 712-702

Effective March 2014 :

Hayang Subway Station and Daegu Metro Line No.1 between Ansim area and Hayang area is currently under construction and may not be open to westbound traffic. It is suggested that you find an alternate route if trying to reach DCU using the Subway.

Getting to DCU


From the Incheon International Airport(ICN)

· From Incheon International Airport(ICN), you need to come to Daegu through these means of transport.

· We recommend you to take KTX from Incheon International Airport.

Mode of Transportation Travelling Time Fares (KRW) Remarks
(Incheon →
Daegu International Airport)
1 hour 86,200~94,000 Flight time : 1 hour
KTX via Airport train
from Incheon

(Incheon Airport Train →
Seoul Station →
Dong-daegu Station)
Less than
4 hoursand half minutes
Incheon →
Seoul : 8,000

Seoul →
Dong-daegu station : 43,500
Airport Train: 50 minutes
KTX travelling time: 2 hours
KTX via Bus
from Incheon

(Incheon Limousine Bus →
Seoul Station →
Dong-daegu Station)
Less than 4 hours Incheon Bus→
Seoul : 16,000

Seoul →
Dong-daegu station : 43,500
Limousine Bus
Travelling Time :70 mins

KTX travelling
Time: 2 hours
KTX from Incheon
(Incheon →
Dongdaegu Station)
Approximately3 hours 55,800
Limousine Bus
(Incheon →
Dong-daegu Express Bus Terminal)
4~5 hours 35,800 Existing route
(with stopover in Gumi):
4 hours and half minutes
Limousine Bus
Gim-hae Airport →
1 hour 10 minutes standard : 7,200

Special : 10,400

Gim-hae(Busan) International Airport(PUS)

Gim-hae International Airport is also called Busan International Airport. Most of cases, students come via Gim-hae(Busan). In that case, students must come to Dong-daegu Express Bus terminal by bus or Dong-daegu station by KTX train. Then students can take train at Dong-daegu station to Hayang with only 2,500 ~ 3,000 KRW.

Take an express bus at Gim-hae International Airport to Dong- daegu Express Bus terminal(7,600 KRW). The whole journey will take you about one hour and twenty minutes. From Dong-daegu Express Bus Terminal, take the city bus No.708 to Catholic University of Daegu (Approximately 1,200 KRW) or you can take a taxi from Dong-daegu Station (approximately 30,000 KRW is reasonable price).