Centennial Square

The Centenary Square was constructed right at the time of celebrating our university’s 100th anniversary. It’s a place that symbolizes 100 years of history. The 100th anniversary is symbolized by a sculpture and a pillar. The lawn, fountain and benches provide a comfortable sitting area.

Centennial Memorial Hall

Being a digital memorial hall, you can watch various videos like the 100 years’ history, the university’s vision and policy, the beautiful campus scenary, and the appearance of lively students etc.

DCU Greenways

Our beautiful university’s (Hyosung Campus) tour takes about 40min to walk and you can take a look around the trails.

DCU Kim Jong Bok Museum of Art

You can admire the work of Korea’s representative painting artist Kim Jong Bok, which was donated to our university.


(Korea natural Monument No.512)

It provides information about unusual forms of life made by fossil deposits on objects(bacteria) revealing the early earth’s formation and evolution of bacteria.

Cherry Blossom Road

The road is approximately 300m. The cherry blossom trees are in full bloom every year at the end of March and beginning of April, giving a beautiful and fantastic atmosphere.

Ginkgo Tree Road

Every year from October to November, the Ginkgo leaves turn yellow producing a beautiful landscape.

Octagon Pavilion

It is at the hill in front of the Student Union(A6). The garden is surrounded by pine trees and because of the lawn that is around the octagonal pavilion, it is a place loved for resting and healing space.

Dorm Pond & Fountain

The garden trees and fountain in the pond blend together to give a beautiful place to take pictures. You can take a walk and enjoy the works of art like sculptures made by students from our university.

Sculpture Garden