Division of Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs consists of academic personnel team and class registration team which is in charge of establishing the undergraduate schedule, organizing and operating the curriculum, faculty human resource, faculty performance evaluation, school register administration and class management.

Institute of Liberal Arts Education

Speaking and Writing Center

Foreign Language Institute

Culture and Arts Institute

Center for Teaching and Learning

The Catholic University Center for Teaching and Learning built a learning support system for professors to improve education power to contribute to global talents training and research empowerment.
For this, it improves learning ability and power of professors through learning support, media support, e-Learning Support System enables professors to teach passionately to students to help them achieve their dreams.

Office of Teaching Professionals

Office of Teaching Professionals is in charge of helping students to complete the teacher training course development and management, improve teacher education and learning methods, selecting students expecting to complete the teaching profession course, implements the teachers licence without examination, operate Teachers training committee and teaching course completion.

Office of Academic & Faculty Affairs

Office of Academic & Faculty Affairs is in charge of basic education planning establishment and coordination, organizing and comprehensive management of training courses, installation and abolition of faculties and majors, college student quota adjustment and management, Bachelor relationship management, academic calendar management, teaching various employment (new, promotion, reappointment, retirement security, positions) TA appointment, faculty evaluation, foreign teacher recruitment, teachers service (dismissal, leave of absence, reinstatement), faculty domestic trips, teachers traveling abroad, various committees appointment and professor recommendations, various teacher training and faculty meetings.

Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar is in-charge of student support affairs such as, class registration(Including holiday classes), leave of absence and returning to school, readmission, registration of class attendance, approval of majors and double majors registration, changing majors, teaching application, application for classroom use, e. t. c and in order to support this the team creates class schedules, lesson planning, senior foreign professors, manages cancelled and make up classes, plans and implements final exams, manages grades and issue academic warning, graduation assesment, expulsion(leave of absence and returning to school, expulsion, readmission), course completion of teacher education, degree registration, transfer(undergraduate) and readmitted students’ credits approval, academic inquiries request and newsletters

Public Service Center

We issue all undergraduate and graduate certificates for the students’ convenience and provide the basic school information, guidance and retrieval of various information in the PC required for college life. There are also various services for people who find it difficult to visit the public Service Center.

Culture and Arts Institute