Division of Campus Ministry

The university’s Division of Campus Ministry was founded to establish true values education and evangelization where students and the faculty are served in a warm and open heart.

Office of Campus Ministry

Office of Campus Ministry through the 'Gospel Academy’, faculty, staff, students are provided with a venue where they meet to share Christian love and joy

Purpose - Implementing the founding philosophy

Office of Campus Ministry serves the Catholic educational philosophy of love and service to the human world through the implementation of truth, good, and beauty.

Humanity Education

Office of Campus Ministry establishes true values by providing a venue for a variety of experiences to find the true meaning of life to students based on the Gospel spirit.

A place of mission and faith

Office of Campus Ministry provides a place where the faculty, employees and students can share christian love and joy for the service of school evangelism.

Opened office of Campus Ministry

Office of Campus Ministry, under the slogan "those who come like the Lord!" serves all those who visit the church just like welcoming the Lord. To achieve this, the chaplain’s office is always open.

Campus ministry

Guide to time of Mass (No mass during vacation)

Division Time
Weekday Mass (Campus Ministry’s Catholic Church) 1st and 4th Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Monthly Mass (Campus Ministry’s Catholic Church) Mondays of 2nd and 3rd week, 5:10pm
Students Mass (Campus Ministry’s Catholic Church) Thursday : 5:10pm
Sunday Mass (Dormitory Catholic Church) Sundays : 7:30pm
College of Medicine (Luke Campus) Wednesday:11:30am
Confession Before Mass