Division of General Affairs

Division of General Affairs consists of Office of General Administration Affairs, Office of Procurement, Office of Finance, Office of University Operations Services, Office of Information Technology, where employees are in charge of purchase of goods, financial management, facility construction and management of equipment.

Office of General Administration Affairs

Office of General Administration Affairs is in-charge of real estate management, employees’ personnel affairs, employees education, property management(land), pension and insurance affairs.

Office of Procurement

Office of Procurement is in charge of buying of goods and foreign capital

Office of Finance

Office of Finance is in charge of management of funds, settlement of accounts, receiving school fees, approve cash disbursement voucher, salary and benefits, year-end tax settlement, all taxes, domestic and international funds expenditure.

Office of University Operations Services

Office of University Operations Services is in charge of planning new buildings, extension, repair and maintenance work of the school facilities, pleasant atmosphere, high-quality security, cost reductions such as ongoing business development and to actively help in the academic and educational research.

· Farm - Located within Catholic University of Daegu

The comprehensive farm is located within the Catholic University of Daegu Gyeongsangbukdo Gyeongsan-si hayang-eup and is composed of six glass greenhouses, fruit packing, packaging ornamental plants, flowering plant packaging, packaging of medicinal plants, aquatic plants house. The comprehensive farm specializes in floriculture horticulture, plant genetic engineering, landscape architecture, pharmacy-related faculty does flower industry research, horticulture research, genetic resources research, herbal resources research, aquatic plants research. It operates the department for students laboratory practicals and professors research activities.

Office of Information Technology

Office of Information Technology team is in charge of computerizing administrative affairs, computer lab management, operating the IT SUPPORT CENTER and making the campus’ computerized information