Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation

Catholic University of Daegu’s Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation founded in June 20th, 2001 for efficient management of the industrial academic institute and changed on February 7th 2004 as part of the Cooperation.

The industry was established for Industrial education Promotion and cooperation between industries in accordance with the Law and was registered on 6th April 2004.
Industrial Academic Corporation are national, local governments, government-funded research institutes and businesses for improving culture and constitution of the university through university-industry cooperation acting as innovation catalysts and prepare response strategies in accordance with the rapid development trend of science and technology and national talent competitiveness, etc. for the purpose of creating new growth engines.

Office of Industry Academic Planning & Management

Office of Industry Academic Planning & Management manages the Academic Cooperation organization for operating the provisions Management and Corporate Secretary to contribute to national industrial development and university development by supporting university-industry company specialized center management and school management.

Office of Industry & Strategy Support

It operates Government agencies to perform all tasks and each national business operations, for this, it supports intellectual property rights, technical and faculty external activities to promote technical exchanges and ties between companies and universities to operate a business required for balanced development.

Office of Industry Academic Finance

Office of Industry & Research Support Team

To support the academic research activities of the university’s faculty, it conducts a variety of research and support programs through the University Information System which are managed effectively by the research funds. It also uses basic documents such as faculty human affairs, research funds allocation and salary calculation to establish policies related to the research study of teachers' ability and conduct an annual performance evaluation research findings.

Office of Career Services

Office of Career Services is in charge of preparation of employment training, employment course management, job clubs management, operating various employment training programs, providing employment information, job recommendation, helping students to get employment and social participation through operating the Ministry of Employment and Labor projects such as the employment support program for students' career choices and career development.