University Organization

Administrative Offices(Headquarters)

Division of Campus Ministry
Division of Academic Affairs
Division of Student Affairs
Division of General Affairs
Division of Planning
Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation
Division of Admissions
Division of International Affairs

Graduate Schools

Graduate School
Graduate School of Education
Graduate School of Medical Health and Science
Greaduate School of Creative Economy Business
Graduate School of Beauty and Arts
Graduate School of Social Welfare
Graduate School of International and Multicultural Studies
Graduate School of Theology
Graduate School of Music
Graduate School of Counselling
Graduate School of Montessori Method
Graduate School of Korean Optical
Graduate School of Social Economics


College of Global Business
  • St. Matthew Center
  • Asian Center
  • Latin American Center
College of Theology
College of Bio and Medical Science
College of Engineering
  • College of Engineering Affiliated Architectural Science Certificate Center
School of Medicine
College of Nursing
College of Pharmacy
College of Social Sciences
College of Education
  • Education Training Institute Affiliated with the College of Education
  • Gymnasium
  • St. Bosco Center
College of Music
  • HyoEum Art Hall
College of Design
  • AMARE Gallery
CU-Leader's College
Open Major College

Auxiliary Organizations

Catholic University of Daegu-University Hospital
Catholic University of Daegu-Chilgok Hospital
Central Library
  • Academic Information Support Team
  • User Service Team
Center for Research Facilities
  • Laboratory Animal Facilities
University Museum
University Newspaper
Health Care Center
University Publisher
Ansim General Community Welfare Center
CU Gallery
Kim Jongbok Museum of Fine Arts, Catholic University of Daegu
CU Studio Theater

Affiliated Organizations

Educational Institutes
  • St. Matthew Center
  • Continuing Education Center
    • Conservatory
    • Institute for Theology Education
    • Institute for Nursery Teacher Education
    • Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Institute of Multicultural Education
  • Middle & High School Affiliated to College of Education
  • Affiliated Kindergarten
  • Affiliated Nursery School
Research Institutes and Other Institutions