International Student Center

The International Student Center is in-charge of immigration affairs of foreigners(Korean language students, undergraduate and graduate students’ visa affairs) undergraduate affairs(class registration, support their stay, etc) and other affairs(living and housing, insurance, part-time job, etc)

Doo Jin, SONG

Song, DooJin

In charge of International Student Center and Korean Language Institute integrated general affairs

Tae Yeun, KIM

Kim, TaeYeun

In charge of supporting foreign students and program operation


Kim, NaYeon

Kim, NaYeon

In charge of foreign students admission, immigration related affairs


Ga Young, CHOI

Choi, GaYoung

In charge of buddy and tutoring programs

Korean Language Institute

The Korean Language Institute is in-charge of korean language trainees admission, their classes, leaning support and counselling and Korean language teachers.

Chong Hoon, Nam

Sohn, YoungSoo

In charge of general affairs, direction and supervision of the International Office

Ji, Hyun gu

Ji, Hyun gu

In charge of operating and managing the Korean Language Institute