DCU's undergraduate course has only a few classes are taught in English.
Therefore, foreign students who want to enter undergraduate course must have TOPIK certificate over level 3.
If they do not have TOPIK(Test of Proficiency in Korean) Certificate over level 3, they must take Korean Language courses before entering undergraduate courses in DCU.

KLI has 4 semesters in each year; Spring(Starts in mid March), Summer(Starts in late June), Fall(Starts in early September), Winter(Starts in late November).

Each semester lasts for 8 weeks, and tuition fees are KRW 1,100,000.
Dormitory fees are KRW 33,000 per one week.

The list of the needed documents for KLI

1 Study Plan
2 Self-introduction
3 Affidavit of Financial Support(Download the forms)
4 5 photographs (4×5cm)

5 Certificate of most recent Graduation or Current Enrollment at School
* Certificate of High School Graduation
(Must obtain certification of the Embassy or the Consulate of the Republic of Korea or the Foreign Ministry of their home country after notarization)
6 Diploma of high school or college
7 Copy of the first page of Passport
8 Bank Statement(English): more than US $5,000
9 Copies of National ID Card of You and Your Parents
(Both Mother and Father)
10 1 copy of certificate of Employment(Business)
11 1 copy of certificate of Income of Financial Support
12 Application Form (KLI) - please find the attached a file.

After preparing documents for KLI, please send us back to this following address;