A university education of DCU's quality is an invaluable, yet significant investment. The dedicated staff of Student Financial Services is committed to working in partnership with students and families in navigating the financial aid process. Typical college costs include tuition, fees, living expenses, books and supplies, as well as personal and transportation costs.


The tuition charge incurred by students and families has been getting lower for 5 consecutive years thanks to advanced university management system and cut down running expenses.

Room & Board

DCU is a residential campus, and students are required to live on-campus dormitory and carry a meal plan through the academic year.

Books, Supplies, and Personal Transportation

An allowance for these expenses is added to tuition, the residence and meal plan charges to establish the cost of attendance.

2015-2016 Undergraduate Cost of Attendance

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees
(per semester)
Residing On-campus
(per month)
Total Cost ofAttendance
(per semester)
Liberal Arts and Social Science $2,700 $131 $3,224
Open Major $2,707 $131 $3,231
General Education $2,711 $131 $3,235
Mathematics $3,199 $131 $3,723
Natural Science, Physical Education $3,540 $131 $4,064
Fine Arts $3,581 $131 $4,105
Engineering $3,700 $131 $4,224
Health and Medical Science $3,652 $131 $4,176
Music, Design $4,015 $131 $4,539
Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy $4,305 $131 $4,829
Course Enrollment Information  


Classification Qualification Requirement Scholarship
Special scholarship
for freshman and
transfer students
(A) International students
who have completed all 12 years of school
overseas together with their parents,
and have country of citizenships other than Korea.
Those who have TOPIK level 3 or Above 55% Tuition waiver
(B) one semester 50% Tuition waiver
Special Scholarship
for International Students
(Enrollment Student)
Type 1 Students who were selected as
special scholarship international students
An average of 95 points + S-TOPIK level 4 100% of tuition fee
Type 2 An average of 90 points + S-TOPIK level 4 70% of tuition fee
Type 3 An average of 80 points 50% of tuition fee
Type 4 An average of 75 points 30% of tuition fee
  • Beneficiary(or continued beneficiaries) recipients should have above 12 credits and no disqualifications(Failure for class)
  • Foreigners special scholarship(freshmen and transfer students) is given only once
  • The scholarship is given for regular semester 4th year(8th semester), 5th year(Architecture major 10th semester), 6th year(premedical course and medicine majors 12th semester)
  • If you do not fulfil the scholarship conditions for 3 times, then you will lose the scholarship benefits
  • The scholarship regulations and program can be amended or changed

Financial Aid

How Aid Works

Your financial circumstances have never kept you from great achievement, and they will not keep you from DCU. Applying for financial aid will not hinder your application, regardless of your citizenship. We provide the support you need to get here by working closely with you to understand your family’s individual circumstances.

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