It is a program where foreign students who have poor grades are tutored one on one privately by Koreans who are in the same major with them or have very good grades.

Qualification for Application

- Tutor(Graduate or Undergraduate student)
· Graduate student : Tutee(International student) and Koreans who are in the same major
· Undergraduate student : Korean students who are in the same major or are taking the same class with the tutee(International student), has minimum credit(12credits) and completed at least two semesters with an average point of 85 and above

- Tutee(Undergraduate student)
· Foreign undergraduate student – 2nd, 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students who are taking major classes

Period of activity

Every semester(March to June, September to December) 4 hours a week, total of 48hours

Selection method

- Recommendation by the chair of the department of the tutor and the tutee
- Recommendation by the professor teaching the same class of the tutor and the tutee

※ Depending on the situation after first semester of 2015, the contents might change so please check on the application announcement in the notice.

More Information

Ms. Tae Yeon, Kim(Program manager)
- Tel : +82-53-850-3292
- Fax : +82-53-359-6380
- Email :