All rooms on campus are air-conditioned. Depending on the residence hall, rooms may have their own thermostat or the temperature may be regulated by Dormitory Administration office.
All buildings are co-ed, usually with adjacent suites alternating between men and women except Morning Star Hall(Women only) and St. Andrew Kim Dae-Gun Hall(Men only).
There are bicycle racks located in various locations both in the residential area and near the academic buildings for students to secure their bikes. Students may also store their bikes on their balcony and are encouraged to still lock their bike to avoid possible theft.
Although the campus is built on a large hill, there are ramps to get from one end of campus to the other. Walking is definitely the preferred mode of transportation because walking in the campus does not take more than twenty minutes even the furthest point to point. All the First Year residence halls are located very close to Dormitory Dining Hall(E4, Dormitory Administration 1st floor). It just takes 3~5 minutes by foot.
All student rooms and public areas in the residence halls are designated as non-smoking areas.
No one under the age of 20 may consume alcohol. Those who are 19 and over may have alcohol(Beer, Wine, Soju, etc.) in outside of campus. No Alcohol is allowed in the residence halls.
There is a microwave on the first floor and there is another one in the kitchen equipped with a Microfridge unit(microwave, freezer, refrigerator). Additional microwaves and refrigerators are not permitted.
No, there is no meal plan in DCU. A cost of one meal is equal to 4,000~4,500 KRW and if you want to eat meals on campus, you must buy a meal card or pay by cash to be able to eat at the dormitory cafeteria.
Students may not nail things to the walls. Hooks, etc. with adhesive that does not damage paint may be used in student rooms. Room damages are charged to residents at the end of each year. If students feel any inconvenience to live in, feel free to let dormitory administration know.
Yes, each student room is equipped with one telephone.
All rooms are equipped for immediate network access. Most public lounges also have wireless access to the DCU network.
Cable television is not provided in every room. It is available in public lounges.

Each hall’s floors has laundry facilities available for students to use. Furthermore, there’s laundry service around campus.
Not each of the students room, but they will clean each halls’ floors and student bathrooms will be cleaned and the TV room’s carpet vacuumed.
Students do have a curfew. Sunday to Thursday 11 p.m. and Friday to Saturday 12 a.m.
Each rooms have outdoor balconies.(except for AMARE hall)
There are mailboxes(per floor) in the front lobby.