At DCU, the campus enjoys views of Geumho-river waterside park and features all of the residential and athletic facilities. It is known as “Water and Sunshine campus” because it sits in the basin of the Geumho-river and faces south.

Hall’s Name Features Number of Rooms Number of Residence
Amare Hall Co-ed
International students
65 257
Servire Hall Co-ed 97 388
Wisdom Hall Co-ed 106 424
Morning Star Hall Women only 138 552
St. Andrew Kim Dae-Gun Hall Men only 130 490
Charity Hall Co-ed 204 588
HCC Hall Co-ed 277 542

Mission Statement

Dormitories are for students to do autonomously and orderly living, and to live with the character and ability to care for others. we provide room and board for students to help them study.

(The Dasom meaning ; “love” in the old Korean language)

Staff Organization

Director(1) Associate Director(1) Hall Director(7)
Administrative Officer(2) Tech/Maintenance Staff(2) Hall Assistant(15)

Residence Halls

The Dasom Village spanning eight acres is located on Hayang campus. It has a beautiful landscape and modern facilities

Approximate expenses

Amare hall – for international students/ On campus dormitory (4-beds per room).
For 6 months,
- Administrative fee : 910,000 KRW(fee of 2016).
- Meal plan : There is no meal plan in DCU. A cost of one meal is equal to 4000~4500 KRW.
- You must buy a meal card or pay by cash to be able to eat at the dormitory cafeteria. The Dormitory cafeteria is open during weekdays (Mon~Fri) breakfast (7:00am~9:30 am) and dinner (17:00pm~19:30pm)- no lunch during weekdays, on weekends (Sat, Sun) and holidays breakfast (8:00am~9:00am) lunch (12:30pm~13:30pm) dinner (17:30pm~19:00pm)

Dormitory Cafeteria(E4, 1st floor)

Operating Hours

Classification Semester Vacation
Weekdays Breakfast 7:00 ~ 9:30 7:30 ~ 9:00
Dinner 17:00 ~ 19:30 17:30 ~ 19:00
Weekends Breakfast 8:00 ~ 9:00 8:00 ~ 9:00
Lunch 12:30 ~ 13:30 12:30 ~ 13:30
Dinner 17:30 ~ 19:00 17:30 ~ 18:30

Major Facilities

Name Purpose Location
Catholic Church

Sunday Mass and Confession: Sunday 7.30 p.m during the semester

No Sunday Mass during vacation Individual Prayer

Room is available anytime

On the second floor of the University Housing Building
Gym Room Indoor health center On the first floor of the St. Paul Hall 2F
Basketball/Korean-Style Football Playground Outdoor Playground Next to HCC Hall
Washroom and Shower room Washing and Shower Every residence hall
Laundromat Washing clothes
Ironing room Ironing clothes
Visitor’s Lounge Meeting area to have visitors from outside the campus or other halls
Study Room Individual study
Seminar Room Group study
Art Studio Art work (drawing and painting)
TV Lounge Watching TV and rest
Snack Room Buying and having snacks
Cafeteria Eating meals
Guest Room Visitors should check the DCU Dormitory Websites for more information.

Dasom Village

Life in our residence halls is one of the most exciting new experiences at DCU! Along with learning how to live with others, students make many lifelong friends and share Trinity memories with roommates, suitemates, and hallmates.

Amenities and Services

Visitor’s Lounge

(1) Visitors can meet with students only in the lounge after reporting to the security guard and depositing their ID’s with him.
(2) Visiting Hours : 9:00 a.m.~ 8:00 p.m. (Note: No limited for hours because of the cafeteria next to the HCC hall)

TV Lounge and Snack Room

(1) Residents can watch TV in the lounge.
(2) Residents should neither litter nor interfere with others.
(3) The last one who leaves the lounge should turn off the lights.
(4) Vending machines are available.
(5) Residents must clean up after use and dump their garbage into the waste bin.

Computer Room

(1) There is a computer room in each residence hall.
(2) Hours : 6:00 a.m. ~ 2:00 a.m.
(3) Food, snacks and beverages are prohibited in the computer room.
(4) Playing games or chatting is prohibited and if get caught, you can be evicted.
(5) You can use the printer after you register the card in the photocopy shop located in the first floor of the prior student’s hall. If there is a problem with the printer, report to the office.
(6) You should keep the room clean while in use.


(1) The Network is installed in each room.
(2) You can use it for educational and research purposes.
(3) Hours : 6:00 a.m. ~ 1:00 a.m.(Friday, Saturday ; 24 hours)
(4) You can extend the network connection time upon request. You must submit the request form to the hall office by midnight.(Extended hours: 1:00 a.m. ~ 2:00 a.m.)

Seminar, Studying room and Art Studio

(1) There is a seminar or studying room in each building.
(2) It is open for 24 hours
(3) You can use it after you register in the office. It will be available for 3 hours in each time. If there is no user, you can use it more after allowance of directors.
(4) The last one who uses it should keep the door lock and clean

Ironing Room

(1) The iron is equipped in each building
(2) Hours: 6:00 a.m. ~ 12:00 a.m. (except for HCC Hall: 6.00 a.m. ~11:00 a.m.)
(3) You can use the room only for ironing.

Gym Room

(1) Gym rooms are available in the St. Paul Hall 2F
(2) Hours: Mon~Fri 6:30 ~ 8:00 a.m and 7:00 ~ 10.30 p.m. It will be closed during the move-in and move-out weeks, and the periods of exams, festivals, and open house.
(3) Keep the room clean and respect others

Laundry Room

(1) There are washing machines and dryers are available You can use laundry card by recharging money ₩500 Coin-operated machines and tumble dryers are available. (₩500 for each use and you can change money in cafetaria next to the HCC Hall)
(2) Hours: 6:00a.m.~ 12:00a.m. (HCC Hall: Sun~Thurs, 6:00 a.m.~11:00p.m.)
(3) Use with care and follow the instructions on the machines.
(4) Be careful of electrical shock
(5) Notify the office or agency in the event of malfunction.

Washroom, Shower Room, and Restroom

(1) Use cleanly for other users.
(2) Do not wash hair in the wash bowls. (Note: You can wash clothes in the laundry area)
(3) Do not wash clothes in the shower stall.
(4) Keep the shower curtain open after use.
(5) Use of shower room is prohibited after midnight during the weekdays 6:00 a.m. ~ 12:00 p.m.(1:00 a.m. during the weekends)
(6) Do not dye your hair in the washroom or in the shower room.


(1) Microwave is available on the 1F, and you can use it after writing ‘use list’.
(2) Be careful and watching the caution when you using it. Especially, do not use paper or plastic containers.(nuts. egg, sweet potato, potato or peeling fruits, newspaper, sealing plastic pack because of fire or exploding)
(3) If problem appear while using the microwave, it is up to you to reimburse.


Operating Hours

Semester(including holidays) Vacation
Weekdays : 8:00 ~ 23:00 Weekdays : 9:00 ~ 21:00
Weekends : 9:00 ~ 23:00 Weekends : Closed

Smoking Regulation

(1) Smoking inside the residence hall is prohibited.
(2) Smoking is allowed outside in designated areas. You should clean after yourself.

Living Guidelines

1. If you have any trouble or difficulty living in the residence hall, try to seek help from the staff. They will help you like family. The life guidance of students can be accomplished with parents’ cooperation.

2. You are advised not to disturb others’ study in the hall.

3. You must keep all the general rules.

4. Those who are on the special program must abide by the related regulations as well as general regulations. No one living in the residence hall is an exception to the rules.

5. All the general regulations are applied to the foreign students who are enrolled in the Korean Language course.

6. Observe internet etiquette. If you cause too much traffic on the internet or intrude other’s internet time, you may lose the privilege to access the internet.

7. Notify the office of any broken or damaged caused by your carelessness if you deliberately break them

8. Stay alert to personal belongings. Pay close attention to your keys and personal belongings so that you do not lose them. Keep your belongings locked up when you are out of your room even if your roommate is there.

9. Prevention of fire: It is prohibited to use any electrical heat device in and out of the room. When you leave the room, pull the plugs out and turn off the lights. In case of fire, use the fire extinguisher in the hallway or in the room and contact the office or security.

10. Smoking is prohibited inside the building. You can smoke only in the designated areas and should not litter with cigarette butts.

11. Save energy! Do not waste hot water and close the window when you are out.

12. Recycle your garbage.

13. Students are not allowed to park their cars on the premises.


Front door

(1) Front door open: 6:00 a.m. ~ 11:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday : 6:00 a.m. ~ midnight.
(2) When you enter and out the front door, you must punch own your access card.
(3) It is not impossible to enter and out another building and parents or visitor. (except for official entering and outing day)

Curfew and Roll call

(1) Evening roll call : 11:00 p.m. and
(2) Residence Hall roll call: once a month and whenever needed.
(3) Reply to the roll call with the door open, lights on. Residents must show their faces.
(4) Do not use your headphones during roll call. You will get a demerit if you violate this rule.

Lights out: midnight and Friday and Saturday 1:00 a.m.

(1) No visit to another room after lights out.
(2) Turn on the indirect lighting
(3) No phone calls in the room. If necessary, use the phone in the lounge or the snack room.
(4) Refrain from using the computer and use headphones if necessary.
(5) Do not make noises.


(1) Students can get a pass on the grounds of public functions or plausible reasons after submitting documents before 6 p.m. in that leaving day.
(2) Students must return the pass to the hall office when they return.

Going home

(1) Students can go their hometowns on weekends(Friday morning through before the Monday roll call) or holidays(the day before the holiday and the holiday) after marking the board. If not marked, They are considered to be present in the hall. If you go home but not marked, it is considered to non-description of roll call.
(2) Students who do not have a class on Friday can go home on Thursday after submitting the class schedule to the hall office and obtaining the hall director’s permission.
(3) Students can go home after requesting at the office before 6p.m. in the day and getting the hall director’s permission during the weekdays.
(4) Those who are enrolled in the Korean Language courses must submit the request form issued by the Korean language Institute and must obtain the hall director’spermission.

Room Card or ID card and Keys

(1) Students must always carry their room card or I.D. and keys
(2) In the event of loss or damage to the room or I.D card, pick up a temporary card from the office and apply for a new one in the bank.
(3) Issuance of a temporary card and re-issuance of a lost or damaged key is done at the office and students myst pay for the expenses.
(4) Students must return the room cared and keys when they move out.

Key Room’s door Charity hall
St. Andrew
Kim Dae-Gun Hall
Morning Star Hall
Amare Hall
10,000 Wisdom Hall
Servire Hall
HCC Hall
Desk 2,000 electronic keypad door lock
Closet 2,000 electronic keypad door lock
Shoes closet 2,000 2,000
Key ring 2,000 2,000
A bunch of whole keys 18,000 14,000


Students must pay the expense to repair the damage done to the furnishings intentionally or by mistake.
(telephone, drying rack, air condition remote control, microwave such like daily supplies...)

Moving out

(1) Those who wish to move must notify the office one week prior to moving out.
(2) Eviction by demerit points : 10 points within a year or 20 points accumulated within four years.
(3) Evictees by the accumulated demerit points may be allowed to reenter after one year.
(4) Permanent evictees cannot be allowed to reenter. (See the list of demerit points)
(5) These rules apply to the Dual-Degree students as well as those who are enrolled in the Global Program. Students who fail to meet academic requirements have to move out.
(6) These rules apply to those who are enrolled in the Korean language courses.
(7) Residents must clean the room and the room should be checked by a hall director or an assistant before they move out. Failing to do this, a student may lose the benefit to be readmitted for the next semester.


(1) Undergraduate students and Graduate Students

Classifications Refund Rate
Before move - in 100% of the fee
Within one week after the official move- in date 90% of the fee
Within one week after the official move- in date 75% of the fee
Within eight weeks after the official move-in date. 50% of the fee
Within twelve weeks after the official move-in date. 25% of the fee
Exceed twelve weeks after the official move-in date. no refund
(2) The Korean Language Institute Students
Classifications Refund date
Move out Maintenance fee
Before move in 100% of the fee
Voluntary move out (In case of illness or injury) Apply a week rate of the fee
Voluntary move out, or Eviction No refund
More than four weeks after move in No refund
- There will be no refund at all when a resident moves out in the middle of vacation