DCU sports facilities offers students opportunities for national competition and leadership.

Outdoor Recreation is a passport to adventure and meeting new people in some of the most beautiful settings in the Southeast of Korea.

DCU athletic and recreational facilities offer students plenty of options for play and competition including the DCU Indoor Stadium, which is accessible to all students.

Gym Guide


C7 in the Back

15,120 square meter
Men’s and Women’s Restroom, Shower room, the spectators' gallery
Soccer, baseball, American Football, Rugby, Athletic, etc.

Health club

E1 2F

Basketball Court 1

front of C9

4,000 square meter
Men’s and Women’s Restroom, Water fountain, etc.

Basketball court 2

front of A11

Tennis court

front of A12

7,200 square meter
8 tennis court, shower room, warehouse
Tennis, Soft tennis, etc.

Futsal Field 1

front of C13

Futsal Field 2

front of A11

Dormitory Basketball court

front of E10

Multi-purpose Indoor Stadium

5,399 square meter
726 spectators' gallery
Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, etc.