Paul Ri Library

The Paul Yi Library corresponds to a learning environment that is rapidly changing. The university central research and information center as a 21st century high-tech features of 5277.49 square meter basement floor, five ground floors that were renovated in May 2004 to carry out the role type into the new library.

While performing the unique features of traditional college libraries, it can be called ‘futuristic library’ because of a variety of information, including electronic information center, multimedia training, video system information, and one-stop service system.

Central Library consists of 2 teams, 9 Archives and during the operation, the former library as well as the choice of our collections has been operating through the library website Internet resource discovery, Source Search, non-book data retrieval, electronic journals, etc.. It can be freely used; a variety of multimedia materials and to satisfy the information needs of users through various media.

Also it offers a wide range of information entered into the agreement with Korea's leading academic institutions and information, dedicated to serve as a library and an open offer of new knowledge and information to local residents as well as lifelong education facilities.

Paul Yi Library

Library Hours

Floor Room During Semester During vacation
Weekday Saturday Weekday Saturday
Reference Room 5 The ancient Reference room / Valuable material room 09:00~17:00 Closed 09:00~17:00 Closed
4 Specialized material room/private library 09:00~22:00 09:00~13:00
3 Natural sciences/Arts/Language literature reference room
2 Periodicals Closed
1 e-Resource Room
Information Desk
Reading Room 1 Reading room 1 06:00~24:00 (24 hours open during examination)
B1 Reading room 2 24 hours open
5 Reading room 3 06:00~24:00 Closed

Closed days : New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year Day, School anniversary(15th May), Korean Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Easter

Floor(s) Information


  • Reading room 2 ( 24 hours open), Imagery seminar room, café, copier


  • e-Resource room, Information use training room, Information desk, reading room 1
  • e-Resource room
    - Non-book materials such as DVD, VCR
    - Internet - based Lecture, academic information search, word processing class Information desk


  • Periodicals, theses
  • Academic journals, magazines, newspapers, master’s & doctoral theses, materials related to recruit/certificates (indoor reading)


  • Natural sciences / Arts/ Language literature reference room
  • You can borrow informational sciences, pure sciences, Technological sciences, arts, languages, book form related to literature and Book-review


  • Liberal Arts/ Social science reference room
  • You can borrow Generalities, Philosophy , Religion, Social science, historic books and Book- review


  • Reading room 3, Group seminar room, The ancient writings room

Library Status


Items General Library Total
Completion Year 2004
Building Area(㎡) 17,446 17,446 ㎡
Seats in Reference Rooms 1,408 1,408 seats
General seats 736 736 seats

Number of books

Books Domestic Foreign Ancient Books Theses Total Non-book materials
574,071 227,839 13,520 67,501 882,931 books 41,677 books
Building Area(㎡) Domestic Foreign books Total
Purchase Donation Purchase Donation Purchase Donation
612 1,461 463 51 1,075 1,512 type
Periodicals Domestic Overseas Web DB/ e-Journal
2,412 868 25 package 4,991 title

Contact us

Address : A8, Paul Ri Library, 13-13 Hayang-ro, Hayang-eup, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

Tel : +82-53-850-3489

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