AMARETTI, official title as a student PR ambassador, is the combined words of DCU’s vision ‘LOVE’(AMARE) and pure Korean ‘FRIEND’(ATTI). In other words, AMARETTI means ‘Dear Friends’, and it contains the meaning of comfortable and friendly friend who can give a guide of DCU’s Admission.

We will recruit students from first until third year that have neat features and interest in promoting our university each early semester in every year. AMARETTI’s main activities are visiting high schools for admissions briefing, Major experience, Campus tour, PR online, Ceremony, Filming promotion video clip, and publicity booklet model. Students who will join AMARETTI can get scholarship for every semester.

STAR CHEER TEAM(Star Cheering Squad)

STAR CHEER TEAM is the cheering squad that represent our university. STAR CHEER TEAM participates in DCU’s various promotional events such as ‘Daedongje’, ‘Cultural festival’, or our university events either at various events. DCU offers scholarship for each semester, certificates of activities, cheering uniform and the other needs that Star Cheer Team will need for the events.

STAR CHEER TEAM will have be selected in every year in the early semester. Catholic University of Daegu enrolled students who have interest or passion in cheering events, anyone can participate in this event. Without any experience, students who want to learn will be acceptable.