Through job counseling, you can consider your aptitude and specialization in career exploration and job opportunities. In the process, we support students to search for their career to fit in aptitude of their own area. Moreover, through job counseling, students can learn variety ways to fill out a resume and how to respond effectively in interviews.

  • In conjunction with the job searching, free implement of various vocational psychological test
  • Supporting a consultation to be able to select a profession that matches the person's aptitude
  • Inducing a career development support, such as work experience(part-time job in a company)
  • Implementation of consultation for a resume, self introduction and interview techniques
  • Offers related jobs for students who will graduate/ information related to the path of the person


Q How is the career search conducted?

A This career search is carried out through a variety of vocational psychological tests, such as the vocational assessment test, field training, workplace(small and medium-sized enterprises) experience activities, to navigate the job that matches the person's aptitude.

Q How do you do the student career development during the semester?

A During the semester, student can do the career development activities such as the non-woven fabric(part-time job) in the field that fits your aptitude, overseas internships and labor work experience programs, through experiential activities of small and medium-sized enterprises and so on.

Q How are you going to continue giving the job market information?

A Job market information is going through the school’s Office of Career Services website(, it mainly has been done online, information in the Job Cafe will be provided using the books and employment bulletin board.

Q What should we do to get the job counsel?

A To get the job counsel, you can apply via a reservation online from Office of Career Services website(, so please request by referring to the method of application.

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Vocational aptitude and personality tests

Through vocational aptitude test and vocational preference test, it can help individuals in career exploration. In addition, a variety of personality tests is to understand yourself more objectively, raise the capacity to cope with the adult interpersonal relationships and social life.


Academic, career, personality, interpersonal relationships, when they can be difficult to solve such problems by rational relationship between participation in individual counseling or group counseling with the help of professional counselors by addressing health issues and an active campus life.

Vocational aptitude and personality tests

The Ministry of Employment and Labor made vocational aptitude test such as aptitude test, vocational preference tests, and etc., and has a personality tests, intelligence tests, such as MBTI, MMPI, KPI, SCT, standardized personality test, self-realization.
This tests that you can select the type of inspection and can apply at any time, through the interview and acceptance inspections. Test time is about 40 minutes ~ 1 hour approximately, but differ according to the type of examination, analysis results can be one week later. However, if the aptitude test takes about 1 hour 30 minutes implementation time, the resulting process takes about one week.


Individual counseling

Create a form and received counseling can consult with a professional counselor through the interview. we can help you to find then solution of Customized academic career, personality, interpersonal relationships, rational help of the difficulties that confronted college professionals. One consultation time is 50 minutes, in the case of ongoing consultation is carried out 1-2 times a week.

Group Counseling

Consists of a small group of around 10 people, it has a regular meeting in the trust permissive atmosphere has a map of common interests and difficulties of collective participants under professional counselors group won the opportunity to go fix yourself a sharing together.
Group training program information, career exploration, self-growth training, communication training, communication training techniques, promoting rational relationship training, including training meeting.

Accept applicants’ apply through the application of methods and carrying out the beginning of each semester college newspapers and the Internet, PR announcements through the water constitute a sub-group for each day of the week.
Group Counseling carried out once a week (takes 90-120 minutes), it conducted 8-10 consecutive times.

Sexual assault counseling operations

Sexual harassment and to get help for information relating to sexual and countermeasures.

A rich sexual knowledge relating to sex(性) to be aware of and responsible for the mature dating can learn through the footage such as video.
It will be held once or twice monthly during the school year.
These are all complimentary service for all university members and consultation is strictly confidential with respect to the case of personal issues.


Q What should we do to get the vocational aptitude test?

A For the application, by phone, but is often referred to e-mail(, and it is possible to apply at 9:30AM on the counseling day. There are aptitude test every Monday through Friday during the semester, start at 10:00AM, end up at 11:30AM. Unlike other test, there is a time limit for each of the areas so you must observe the start time.

Q What should we do to get individual counseling?

A After you write application form, you have to decide the time with the consultant. One consultation time is about 50 minutes, when continuous consultation is needed, it can be carried out once or twice a week.

Q How is the process of group counseling?

A Group counseling is, 10 people composed into a group and get a counsel for 8 times(120 minutes per counsel). Depending on the program, the contents can be changed a little, but the effect that takes place in the group counseling is large. Individual counseling is a counsel between the consultant and client(1:1) which are talking about the client’s problem, but group consultation is where everyone in the group share their problems and talk about it, so everyone can be the consultant and the client.
For example, if the consultant who are having difficulties in interpersonal relationships, through the appearance of others in the group, it is possible to obtain assistance through the feedback of the group members. It can train self-assertion or self-expression through group activities, and also require practice the most important thing which is listening to the words of others in interpersonal relationships, it is possible to obtain a wide variety of experience and effect.

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