1:1 Writing and Speech Consultation

Writing and speech consultation is the most popular one for students that participated in the Speaking & Writing Center. That is because this program can make the students’ ability in speaking and writing much better! We Establish communication strategies for individual students practical. The program has a system where the counselor and the student will have face to face conversation, so it will be more helpful. From the second semester in year, 2015 academic year by introducing a web based consultation so it can offer the students who find it hard to do the consultation by meeting up people opportunities to do the consultation through online. If you did the online consultation and still find it hard or want to have more information about speaking and writing we can offer you as offline consultation.

1:1 writing consultation :
report, book-review, self introduction, thesis consultation, a specific topic in writing, summary writing, consultation in content creation.

1:1 Speaking coaching and consultation :
Checking the student's analytical skills and speech skills by shooting a video speech, self introduction, presentation, debate, interview etc, also offering consultation in content creation and feedback.

Offline Consultation can be hold only for 60minutes.

Contact us

Address : A2, Speaking and writing center(Department of Liberal Arts) 407, 13-13 Hayang-ro, Hayang-eup, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

Tel : +82-53-859-4952, +82-53-859-4953

All students can use the room(offering stella score) from Monday to Thursday 10:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m.
If you want to use ESC room without reservation(it can be used only for 10 people), please sign up early!
ESC english study room user information(A3, room number 202, 204) → ESC reservation(a week before the day you want to use)
Speciality for Group for 1 ~ 6 people, 2 hours in a day, other information that you can find it in foreign Language Institute(A3, room number 300)
English class room number 203, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Russian classes are room number 202.

ESC schedule for 2016 Spring

Time Mon. Tue. Wed. Thur.
10:00~13:00 Prof. Leonard Matarese Prof, Wilhelm Pierre 10:00~12:00 Prof. Leonard Matarese Prof. Wilhelm Pierre
12:00~13:00 Prof,Jeffrey Wilson
13:00~15:00 Prof. Adam Alldred Prof. Christopher Johnson Prof. Jeffrey Wilson Prof. Leonard Matarese
15:00~17:00 Prof. chris Brennan Prof. Jeffrey Wilson Prof. Christopher Johnson Prof. Thomas Brannan Gimby
16:00~17:00 Prof, Nakajima Shinobu
(Japan & Japanese Culture)
Prof. Charchoghlyan Haykuhi
(Russia & Russian Culture)
Prof. Liu Ke
(China % Chinese Culture)
Prof. Laura Gonzalez Tirador
(Spain & Spanish Culture)

Contact us

Address : A3, Students Service center 202~204, 13-13 Hayang-ro, Hayang-eup, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

Tel : +82-53-850-3770, +82-53-850-3766