2017 Daegu International Youth Camp


Our University had 2017 Daegu International Youth Camp from 2nd of July until 6th of July.


The opening ceremony was held at 10a.m. in Daegu City Hall on July 3rd with 91 international students and our university students from 16 different countries including China, Indonesia, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Italy. Daegu Catholic University President, Mr. Kim Jung Woo and and Daegu City Mayor, Mr. Kwon Young also participated in the opening ceremony.


In order to promote and to raise the global awareness of Daegu to students, the camp was held for the 12th time this year. The camp was participated by Daegu sister cities including Russia’s Saint Petersburg, Italy’s Milan, China’s Chengdu, Japan’s Hiroshima, and 15 other countries. There was 77 foreign university students and 14 students from our university living together for 5 days and 6 days. Through various programs, we had time to experience and understand each other's culture naturally.



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